Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Time to Mix it Up!

I've been living in the same house for going on 2 years. It's a cute little house conveniently located in downtown Sacramento. It's a rental and Seth and I take great care of it, but I stopped liking it after the first couple of months of living there. Nothing had changed, I think I just had gotten bored with the way it looked and felt.

Guess what? Your body may feel the same way about your workouts!?!

Your body gets bored of the same workouts quicker than you think. When that happens your strength gains slow and your workouts need to change to continue making progress. 

How often do we need to change up our exercise routine? 

That's going depend on many factors, including how much you're training, what your goals are and how intensely you workout. As a general rule 3- 6 weeks is just about right especially if what your doing requires very little skill. For example if you're new to exercise and you started using a elliptical everyday for 40 mins chances are you'd see some progress (if your diet was also dialed in). But, that elliptical will only get you so far. After about 20 elliptical sessions your body will remain the same. Yes, you'll still be burning calories but your body needs a new demand placed on it. This demand could come from higher intensity cardio like intervals (preferably not on the elliptical) or the better choice in my opinion, weight training.

If you're training with at trainer they should have you doing many different exercises at every session,    that doesn't mean you won't do the same exercise that you have done in the past, but we are changing things like the number or reps or sets you will complete, the weight you'll use or the exercises used to compliment  a primary movement.

Take a look at your workout regime; is it time to mix it up?

As for my house it was definitely time...This weekend I completely re-arranged our house. Our office is now our bedroom, our bedroom is now our office, I cleaned out the patio and put new flooring in so the space is usable. I cleaned out my closet and managed to fit a ton more in there. The point is I feel completely different about my house now, I love it. It's little, but it's functional. I hope you feel the same about your workouts, they should be to the point, functional and hopefully somewhat enjoyable!

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