Monday, August 13, 2012

Is your life leading you, or are you leading it?!?

Think about what you spend your time doing including your work and free time. Does it align with your thoughts or goals? Or do you feel like there's a terrible mis-match? Often times we work hard to "push through" rather than taking a step back and really evaluating what we're working for...What's the big picture? Whether it's within our fitness, professional or personal lives our actions are often mis-matched with our goals.  

Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Diane Sanfilippo, "...challenges people to really think about what it is that they choose to do every single day and whether or not those actions contribute to their happiness or to their feeling of stress, anger or disappointment in life. " 

I'd like to believe most people are working towards health, happiness and financial stability doing something they're passionate about. Yet many people I meet tell me they hate their job and simply push through it (these are those people who live for the weekend) and there nothing wrong with that, but most of these people spend 5 out of 7 days a week miserable! I'm not saying that everyone should quit their job because it's not their favorite past time, but I do recommend  looking at your job and what your long term goals are. To sledge through day in and day out doing something you dislike with no goals in sight will inevitably lead to an unhappy and unhealthy lifestyle. So, how do you avoid being stuck in a job or lifestyle you dislike?

1. Don't get attached to "things" - Make a list of things you need in life and figure out much money and/or time you need to have those things (Starbucks is not a need!). For most people the more money they make, the more "things" they buy, then they have to make more money to sustain their new lifestyle. 

2. Make a list of life long goals and who's involved - If your goals are off the map of your current life, start connecting the dots. How will you change your day-to-day life to lead to your desires?

3. Talk a lot- Tell people about your goals. The more support you have the easier it is make changes, plus often times our friends and family serve as a great reminder of why we are working hard to achieve our goals. 

4. Let the little things in life be BIG- The simplest pleasures can bring a lot of JOY!!
Seth and I watched my mom's dog recently and Bess is always a great reminder of how the simple things in life make the world a happier place. 

I thought this post was appropriate for a Monday. Not everyday is a fairy-tale but if you're working towards a goal whether it be fitness, personal, or professionally based; you're empowering yourself to be the determining factor in your success. Now get out there and go make your Monday great!


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