Sunday, August 12, 2012

3 Foods Worth Loving, or at Least Giving a Second Chance...

1. Grapefruit- I love grapefruit in the morning because of it's cleansing qualities. It has antioxidants, Vitamin C, it's anti-inflammatory and high in dietary fiber.

2. Egg Whites- While not for everyone's taste buds when cooked alone, there are so many ways to cook include these protein rich, fat-free little secrete weapons! I cook my oatmeal with them, blend them in to smoothies, add them to stir fried veggies and make egg white and spinach scrambles. So many ways to crack and egg!

3. Watermelon- Is a summer staple and I used to think it was boring. just empty sugar calories! Until this year...I started craving watermelon. I started freezing it so I can cut a whole melon at once, eat some and freeze the rest. It's full of vitamins and has anti-inflammatory qualities too!

What are your staple foods?

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