Saturday, June 9, 2012

What's next?!?

So the Reno Tahoe Odyssey is over, it was blast and will be done again! Seth and I don't get a ton of time together because of our crazy schedules and his CPA exams, but we had a whole weekend together and meet some great people. Our next race is Eppies Great Race, it's a "swimless" triathlon on July 21st. This will be our 4th Eppies and should be our fastest yet. The first 2 years we just did it together for fun and enjoyed the day. Last year, we split up and both tried to actually race. Unfortunately we rented the wrong type of kayaks for the 6 mile paddle and end up losing our steam. Seth still finished with a great time 2:11:45 and 25th in his division. The paddle slowed me way down and I ended with a time of 2:26:52 and 16th in my division.

This year we're getting the right kayaks! Seth's goal time is 2:00 flat and my goal time is 2:10.

Who's ready to train!?!?! Next Saturday it's time to start doing some speed work at the track!

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