Monday, June 4, 2012

Salt Cravings??

Do you ever crave SALT? You may be dehydrated. Next time before you reach for a bag of chips or french fries drink a BIG glass of water and see if the craving persists. 

Salt cravings can come from all sorts of things, as mentioned dehydration is the most common, but mineral deficiency, and some chronic diseases can also cause salt cravings. Salt consumption and needs can vary from individual to individual, but our bodies can adapt to higher or lower intake levels as long as baseline sodium intake levels are met. Just like sugar, the more we eat, the more we want. To ween yourself from excess salt or sugar slowly start slowly lowering consumption so that your body can make adjustments throughout the detox process.

In healthy individuals the desire for extra salt can often be relived by adding high quality sea salts to foods after cooking rather than consuming salty processed snack foods (i.e. potato chips). Fill your diet with lots of green veggies and variety of high quality proteins to ensure your getting lost of vitamins and minerals. Beware of processed "health foods" that loaded with sodium preservatives. If you're someone who chronically over consumes sodium and when you begin to reduce your intake you may experience some initial weight loss through loss of water retention. 

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