Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Songs about US...

Have you ever hear that country song called "Songs About Me," by Trace Atkins?

I'm a big country fan and I love good lyrics; I don't just want to listen to music, I want to feel it. Good lyrics have a way of putting our lives in to words and reminding us of life lessons that can help us through tougher times. When life gets rough find some good music and go for walk, workout or do what relaxes you and lose yourself in the lyrics. Here are couple of my favorite "life's lesson songs."

1. "Loves the Only House"  Everybody has a past, whether good, bad, or ugly it's part of who we are today. We also don't know what others have been or are going through, it's  your  choice to accept and love them as they are.

2. "I've Always Been Crazy" It's ok to be different. Being yourself is what life is all about. Love yourself and all your eccentricities, don't let others opinions keep you from being amazing!

3. "Carry On" Tomorrow brings a new day and when times get tough carry on. This could be applicable to many aspects of life.

4." Life Ain't Always Beautiful" Life throws us curve balls and stops short of perfection, but everything we go through is part of our experience and shapes our future. The challenge is to embrace where we are, where we've been and what is yet to be.

Country music soothes my soul, I encourage my clients to find something that does the same for them. Have a happy healthy week!

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