Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Recipe Alert!

I finally whipped out the crockpot, I wanted to make something similar to an amazing Cuban dish that Seth's brother made this weekend. It's basically chicken with rice and black beans, but what makes it special is the seasoning. He's had lots of garlic and an amazing vinegar and spice sauce that you put on top. His was authentic and well spiced, what I made today is also very spicy, vinegary and hearty. If you have a crockpot this is super easy! The other bonus is that this can be pretty darn healthy especially withe extra veggies and brown rice!


2.5- 5lb Pork loin 
1.5-2 cup white vinegar
1 can Mexican spiced stewed tomatoes
1 small can Spicing tomatoes paste
Small can of slivered jalapeƱo/carrot mix
More sliced carrot or other veggies

To taste:
Onion powder
Crush garlic 
Fajita seasoning 
Cayenne pepper

Put everything in the crockpot and cook on low for 7-9 hours, then turn off crockpot and shred with fork.

Serve with: 
Brown or white rice
Black beans



  1. Mmmm, this sounds delish Brittany!!! I'm stealing this recipe - it'll be great on any day really, but cold, Autumn days...oh yeah.(Signed: Debbie aka crockpot Debbie!)

    1. Debbie! Let me kno when you make it! This week I did chicken with the same recipe, the pork was better. Can't wait for fall too :-)