Thursday, January 10, 2013

Visualize Balance

In my humble opinion the biggest challenge we face in life is finding balance in all things.

I've always struggled with balance, Seth will say I'm and extremist in everything I do. The truth is I was raised with the perception that if you can be exceptional at something  your faults will be hidden the shadows of your highlights. I don't believe this to be true, I believe that it is our duty as individuals to do the best we can possible do at everything we do. It sounds like a lot pressure, but if we can learn to embrace our ever changing lives and continue to visualize the best version of ourselves than the task of doing your best becomes part of the journey.

In the past I've taken less than good care of myself in body and soul. I have had years of intense physical training, eating disorders and a general lack of self love, yet all the while seeking health. Obviously my desired outcome and my strategy weren't in line, but this dilemma is all too common with so many people seeking a healthier life. My wish is for everyone to visual the best version of themselves and create a strategy to get there.

This is my visualization, when I see it I see the me I aspire to be at all times. Do you have a picture of yourself that makes you smile, one that embodies the YOU that is full health and happiness? Look at it frequently and take the actions you need to get there. For me it's finding balance in my exercise habits and embracing the activities, people, and foods that I love and love me back.

In health!

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