Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The End of January is Near!! $$$$

It's practically the end of the of the Month...Our no spend month that is. We successfully made it the whole month of January spending less than $200/month on groceries! After our "big" purchase at the beginning of the month of $118.00 on the basics (dry goods mostly and things that I could freeze) I went to the farmers market twice and spent $20 each time on produce. We also bought two gallons of milk and 3 cartons of eggs. Beyond those expenses we held strong; it was great a experience and not too hard. I made lots of meat free meals which is different for me because I normally eat a higher protein diet and I'm sure Seth missed having steak and BBQ'd chicken on the regular.

Conserving on (expenses) proteins refocused me on eating high quality animal proteins and being more strategic about my meals. There will be more on this topic in a later post, but for now I wanted to stay focused on the money saving theme.

One of my friend/client shared a fun savings table with me. Every week you put money in your savings account or a safe place and each week you add $1 to the amount deposited. Save for something good, something good for you!

I'm saving for a Yoga Retreat in 2014!

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