Monday, December 31, 2012

Save $100 each month!

2 people
$1.20/meal for one month
Eating as healthy as possible
Spending no more than $200 on food in the Month of January 2013

Seth and I are embarking on a new challenge for 2013.  Last month we vowed to eat as many meals as we can together, even it seems inconvenient or if I have to change my schedule to be home for dinner more frequently. We're not perfect, but we've definitely done better at this than we have in the past. This month we're also dinning on dimes! Today I did a big grocery shopping trip, $118.00 of necessities and what I imagine to be 1 month of food. Our goal is $200 this month on food, spilt between both of us, that's $25/week per person for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's $1.20/per meal!

I know that doesn't seem like very much but it's actually much more food than you think. I made minestrone soup that will stretch a couple of nights. Things like lentils, eggs, and frozen poultry are all healthy protein sources that are reasonably priced. Obviously the more people in your household the more money you will need as your base line. You can follow some of these other families for tips and advice on not just dining, but living on a dime:

The No Spend Experiment
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Another great thing to remember is that often we eat way too much simply because we can, not because we're actually hungry or in need of nourishment. Being on budget reminds us to stop eating when we are full and save our food (money) for when we're actually hungry. 

Do you dare to dine on a dime?!?

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