Sunday, August 5, 2012

Powerlifting for everyone?!

Powerlifting in competition involves 3 moves; the Bench Press, the Back Squat and the Deadlift, but training for a powerlifting meet involves much more. I was recently introduced to Cara Westin, an Elite Powerlifter and Strength  Coach. Her knowledge is vast and I'm excited work with and to be coached by her.

Powerlifting may seem intimidating or advanced for the average "gym-goer," but powerlifting is probably one of the safest sports. Every lift can be completed with as little weight as a PVC pipe and the movements are concise and closed chain.

If you're not already using the Bench Press, Back Squat or Deadlift in your training program you can start introducing these movements slowly and even if you're not ready to jump in to a serious training schedule simply incorporating these movements with lighter weights (PVC, training bar, etc) will improve your strength, coordination and overall athleticism.

I encourage anyone who strength trains or wants to strength train to explore powerlifting. As always do your homework first and ask your trainer for guidance!

Interested in competing, training or watching the meet?
Check out Cara's Women's Pro-AM Meet in November!

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