Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi All,
Happy Friday!!! We had a great bootcamp class at the West Sacramento Rec Center this morning. Sometimes we have so much fun in that class...I guess I should say, I have so much fun in that class, and I think (really hope) my "bootcampers" do too! As a group instructor and personal trainer some days I leave work feeling like what I imagine a proud parent feels like; not just when your child achieves something great, sometimes it's just a simple act of kindness that makes you proud of the person who they're growing up to be. You want to hug them and tell the world how special they are. Today was one of those days for me.

I love working with all of my clients for different reasons, as they each bring a new challenge and dimension to training, but often times I find the most driven and self motivated individuals in my group classes. These individuals have goals of their own in health and fitness and I get to help each and everyone of them reach those goals. Most group class participants are committed to their weekly classes and know they're going work hard in each and every class no matter what challenge (tuck jump jack burpee...yes that's all one exercise!) I throw their way. Their intrinsic motivation deserves a big hug (or pat on the back) and a shout-out for their commitment to their personal goals. I consider all of my regular class participants to be my clients and hope they see me as their trainer, here to help in any way I can. To all of my "bootcampers" at Fitness Rehab and the Rec Center, you make me proud to be your trainer! Happy Friday to everyone and enjoy your weekend!

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