Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My TOP 5 Favorite Recipes Resources...

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration in the kitchen and these foodie bloggers sure know how to inspire cooking and eating well. In no particular order here are my TOP 5:

1. Cara's Craving- Cara provides creative flavor combinations like her grilled eggplant wrapped dates and goat cheese. Her flavor combinations are brilliant and healthy for the most part...she also explores sugar free and gluten free baking!
2. The Diva-Dish- This mama shares her experiences with healthy eating and cooking for her family. Her recipes are normally simple and easy to follow.
3. Simply Sugar and Gluten Free- Amy at SS&GF describes her blog as "aimed at all those interested in eating well, eliminating refined sugars and gluten, and maintaining a healthy weight." She has a variety of recipes including some "make ahead meals" like Mexican Chicken Tortilla Casserole
4. Rawmazing- Susan explores Raw eating with a multitude of creative ways to prepare raw food. It's tough to eat "raw" all time but most of us can definitely benefit from a few more raw meals every now and then.
5. TJ's Test Kitchen- TJ shares her journey with weight loss and healthy eating. All of her recipes are healthy and generally pretty quick to prepare, plus she shares her personal trials and tribulations with weight loss and lifestyle changes. WHAT AN INSPIRATION!

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do. Tell me about your favorite foodie blogs...

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