Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Monday already...

This weekend was a whirl-wind...busy, fun and jam packed... lots of working, a little working out and no cooking. I'm always a little sad when a weekend passes without the opportunity to cook, but I have no complaints; my weekend teaching at the National Personal Training Institute was about as perfect as any teacher could ask for. All of students did a great job on their presentations and were active listeners and students for 2 full days of lectures. After class Saturday I was so graciously invited to the Kings game and Sunday after taking the Fitness Challenge group through an indoor obstacle course and teaching at NPTI I caught some family time and went to the movies. Overall, a busy but great weekend. Here's what we got cooking this week...

New recipes-
Beetballs and Zucchini Pasta
Rosemary Siracha Chicken
Raw Almondbutter Cookies

Although I have no intention of going on a completely raw diet, I'm challenging myself and all of you to try more "raw" recipes. Recipe reviews and pictures to come!

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