Monday, December 26, 2011

What's next?...

Now that Christmas is over and we're approaching the New Year I find myself asking what's next? Take some time this week (especially you lucky ones who are off work) and ask yourself the same question. What's your next goal? Come up with a long term goal, write it down and start planning now. Pick dates of achievement and set small goals along the way. Your goal(s) can be fitness and health related or something totally off the wall, just give yourself something positive to reach for this New Year.

My goal this year is to make the Running Crew a "BIG DEAL." It's not that we aren't cool already, but I want us to have matching T-shirts, sponsors, a seasonal training schedule and at some point be able to host our own relay. I'm giving myself until 03/01/12 to find 2 sponsors and order T-shirts. By 07/01/12 the Crew will double in size and I hope to host a relay next Fall. What are your goals? Do you have ideas about what you want to achieve this year, send me your thoughts and let's turn them in to definable goals. Dream BIG in 2012!

Happy Running!

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