Sunday, July 31, 2011

Endurance Junkie Workout

 ... For my well conditioned endurance athletes complete below for time.

*All weights are 60-80% of 1RPM

---1 mile warm-up run (steady pace increase)---stride last 1/4 mile

10 Side lateral rises
10 Arnold Press
10 Push-ups with row
20 Mountain Climbers
1/4 mile hill sprint (3.5 incline if you must do on Tmill)

10 Pull-ups
15 jumping split lunges (each leg)
20 Air squats
25 weighted sit-ups (25,15)

12 Side lunges (each leg)
20 V-Ups
15 pyhsio ball pikes

6 min cycle for distance
20 weighted sumo squats w/heel raise

---Cool down
20 Standing T's (each leg)
15 pass throughs
---1 min each pose
Downward dog
upward dog
runners lunge (each leg)
pigeon (each leg)
crowd pleaser
seated hamstring stretch
spinal twist (each side)

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