Saturday, January 10, 2015

Now Offering E-programs!

The new year brings new offerings! The first program I'm offering builds cardiovascular endurance and core strength; each day has specified objectives and designated exercises, sets and reps as well a recommended weekend flexibility training practice.

I'd suggest repeating this weekly plan for 2 consecutive weeks or more depending on how quickly your body adapts and where you're starting from (keep thorough notes and measure your progress). This can serve as your weekly routine or compliment your existing exercise practices, but having visible abdominal muscles takes healthy eating & exercising. This program is just one piece of the puzzle so I'll be publishing an accompanying "Meal Plan" and "Next Level" programs soon! Click the "Buy Now" button at the right to get started with this program for a STRONG foundation! 

**After your purchase on PayPal click on return to E.S. Fitness to retrieve downloadable link.**

Hopefully at this point in your exercise journey you've learned the names of several exercises and you're pretty confident in your ability to navigate the gym (if not, YouTube will be very helpful in identifying exercise names). On the other-hand, if you're feeling entirely overwhelmed, contact me directly and let's chat!

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