Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kangaroo Meatballs

This week has been a bit hectic at our house, but today I made sure I found the time to cook up the Kangaroo meat I bought last week. The grocery store was out of Bison so I figured it would be fun to try. I’ve never cooked with Kangaroo before so I did some research on cooking methods and nutrition. 

Kangaroo is a very lean red meat and in flavor it’s similar to Venison. It's best served medium rare or rare. If using ground Kangaroo meat as I did make sure to combine it with something that has fat (bacon, egg, pancetta etc). I made Tabbouleh Kangaroo meatballs served with mixed greens, tomatoes, Ricotta Salata, Tzatzki, hummus and Pita bread. 

The tabbouleh salad adds a lot of flavor and texture to the meatballs. This recipe would be great with beef or bison as well.

1lb Ground Kangaroo (I bought mine at Sprouts Market)
1 Yellow onion (diced)
2 Tbsp Crushed Garlic
1/3 Cup Tabbouleh Salad (premade available at Sprouts Market & other specialty markets)
1/3 cup Almond meal
1 beaten egg
Salt, lemon pepper
1 Tbsp bacon grease or coconut oil (bacon grease adds a little flavor)

1. Combine meat, diced onion, crushed garlic, Tabouli salad, Almond meal and egg in a large mixing bowl by hand. Add desired about of Salt and lemon pepper and mix thoroughly.
2. Roll meat in to balls with 2 inch diameter. This should give you 10-12 balls.
3. Heat bacon grease or coconut oil in skillet big enough to accommodate all balls without touching each other. 
4. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 
5. Brown the meatballs on medium to high heat. 
6. Place meatballs in glass dish and cover with foil, place in oven. 
7  After 10 minutes pull the glass dish out and remove foil. Put back in oven for 5 minutes. (Keep an eye on them if you prefer your meat rare. I prefer my ground meat cook all the way through (no pink) and that took 15 minutes).
8.  Enjoy!

Nutrition for 1 Ball:

Calories: 84  
Fat: 2.7 
Carbs: 4.5 
Protein: 10.8 

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