Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Running!

Hi Runners!

I know the holiday's are very busy for all of us, but we have a couple of things coming up on the calendar! Next Saturday is X-mas Eve and the following Saturday is New Years Eve. Here's what I'm thinking...track workout @ ARC (American River College) on 12/24 @ 8:30am. The following Sunday, 1/1/2012, I'm encouraging everyone to run following race  http://www.jandjsportsproductions.com/page80.html . I've done this one a couple of times and find it just as challenging each and every year. The course is very challenging (hilly, muddy, etc.) I highly recommend doing the 5k if you've never run in the Auburn area. Please let me know your availability for Christmas Eve and/or if you're interested in running the Resolution Run. 

P.s. It's a great time to inspire your friends and family to start running too! We all have to start somewhere, why not January 1st!?!

Happy Running! 

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