Saturday, November 26, 2011

Clean Eating Tips! Share Your Health and Fitness Motivation Rather than a Cookie...

During the holiday's we are surrounded by tempting foods that when indulged upon pull us one step further from our healthy lifestyle. It's important to stay on track during the holiday's, but it's equally important not to completely deprive yourself. Here are a couple of tricks that will help you keep your waistline in check throughout the holiday season:

1. STEER CLEAR OF HOLIDAY SPECIALS AT THE GROCERY and stick to the essentials list. You know you're going to a holiday party with all sorts of snacks; DO YOU REALLY NEED a box of crackers?

2. DO NOT TAKE LEFTOVERS HOME. Seasonal foods are a treat because we only eat them once a year..DO YOU WANT THEM STARING BACK AT YOU EVERY TIME YOU OPEN THE FRIDGE?

3. PLAN ACTIVE OUTINGS WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY...go ice skating, sledding, walking, window shopping; whatever you do just keep moving and burning calories!

4. GET MORE SLEEP! During the holiday's we often find ourselves sleep deprived to due late night parties, house guests and holiday preparation. Then we're tired and surrounded by holiday treats making it that much harder to resist the temptation...keep that will power strong by getting at least 6-8hrs!

5. The holiday's are about giving, but don't forget about your alone time. Try to sneak 10-15 minutes of quiet time everyday to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Don't let your health and fitness goals slide to the back burner, make time for self reflection and your workouts...if you don't you know you'll regret fighting your way back to gym with everyone come January 1.

This season share your health and fitness motivation rather than a cookie!

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