Friday, October 7, 2011

The Real Currency of Man is Play....

Does that quote sound familiar? It should. Mark Sisson, author of the Primal Blueprint says many profoundly simple things that say volumes about the human species and the culture we live in, but this by far is the best in my mind. Play can create enjoyment or happiness, a thing that so many people say they want, and yet we pursue happiness through material means. We become the prey of marketing schemes in the pursuit of "so-called happiness" rather than stepping back and really evaluating what makes us happy.

Think of a moment in which  you were overflowing with elation? What were you doing? Who were you with?

I bet the moment that comes to mind does not involve your cell phone or Facebook, rather family or friends and human interaction. The more we actively participate in our lives the greater the opportunities we can create to have moments of sincere happiness. Learn to play more and be active with your friends and family. Put down your cell phone, computer etc and enjoy YOUR LIFE and BODY; today you can harness your body's ability to change your state of mind!

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